Take Along Thomas Model

Thomas is the main character in the TV series. He is a blue tank engine who is sometimes cheeky. In the very first episode, he was cheeky to Gordon. But Gordon teached him a lesson by leaving before Thomas could be uncoupled. He is often very helpful to everyone, including his arch-enemy, Diesel. His best friend is Percy, whom he shares the mail train with. His other best friend is James. But he is king to almost all engines. He has two coaches, Annie and Clarabel, which he was rewarded with after he helped James after his accident. He is the second smallest standard gauge engine, after Percy.

Take Along and Take n Play ModelsEdit

Thomas was the First Take Along model released in 2002. His stripes on his boiler are 3D, but aren't supposed to. He was also the First Take n Play model, first displayed in 2009 and released a year later.


Railway SeriesEdit

Television seriesEdit


He will also be appearing in the upcoming WWII movie estimated for a 2014 release.

Magazine storiesEdit


Thomas is based on a Billington E2 class 0-6-0

Take Along and Take n Play EditionsEdit

  • Metallic
  • Motorized
  • Planitum
  • 60th and 65th Anniversery Editions
  • Thomas and the Jet Engine
  • Thomas Comes to Breakfast

Thomas has so many editions that they cannot all be named on this page

Other MerchandiseEdit

  • ERTL (discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway
  • Tomy Trackmaster
  • Brio (discontinued)
  • Honrby
  • Bachman
  • Marklin (German Hornby)
  • My First Thomas
  • Lionel
  • Di Agostini
  • Bandai Tecs
  • My Thomas Library
  • Around Town with Thomas
  • Bathtub Squirters
  • Pez
  • Wind Up