The Spiteful Brakevan was a rude and nasty brakevan. He caused trouble for Donald, Douglas, and James until he Douglas smashed him into pieces. 

Take n Play ModelEdit

It is extremley unlikely the brakevan will be released, as he only made one appearance.


The brakevan was a BR 20-ton brakevan.


The brakevan appeared in The Twin Engines in the RWS. In the TV Series, he appeared in "Break Van" and was mentioned in "The Deputation". He will likely never appear again.


  • "Yerr a mackle nuisance! Itz ta lee ya behind ad be wannin!" "You can't! I'm essential!". "Auch, are ya! Yerr naethin but a screetchin an' a noise win all said'n'done. Spite Douggie wd'ya?! Take that!". Breakvan
  • "He's cross! ("James is cross!") We'll try to make him crosser still"! The Twin engines