A Promo image of Smudger

Smudger was a showoff who was turned into a generator. He lived on the Mid Sodor Railway with Duke, who told Stuart and Falcon about him. Nothing else is known about this green engine.

Take n Play ModelEdit

Smudger has not been released as a take n play model, Since he only appeared once and may likely never appear again, he may never get a model. There is a small chance though, due to his popularity.


Smudger is based on Dolgoch, like Rheneas.


Smudger only appeared in the Season 4 episode, Granpuff.


  • "Listen Dukie! Who worries about a few spills?" (Apart from laughing, that is is only line) Grandpuff

Other MerchandiseEdit

  • ERTL(discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway
  • TrackMaster (possibly coming soon)