Lorry 1

The Horrid Lorry's were 3 red lorries. Individually, they were referred to as Lorry 1, Lorry 2, and Lorry 3. They were brought to help with the engines work, although the engines thought they were brought to replace them after hearing jokes from Cranky. They were very horrid and rude. They harrased the engines, especially Percy, Toby, Thomas, and James. They even proved to the flowermill that they could work faster than Toby, so the flower man replaced Toby with the lorries. However, they did not last long. Lorry 1 accidently reversed into the sea, Lorry 2 fell off a cliff next to Toby's branch line, and Lorry 3 was overloaded with flower and broke down. They were sent away, but not before Thomas, Percy, Toby, and James could ridicule them. Lorry 2 promised that they would return, but they never did.

Take Along ModelsEdit

Only Lorry 1 was released as a Take Along Model, as he made the longest appearance. In the prototype, he had grey loads while the actual release had yellow loads. He was discontinued in 2008. It's unlikely any of the lorries will be Take n Play Models.


The Lorries are AEC Hanson Lorries.


In the TV Series, the lorries only appeared in the Season 5 episode "Horrid Lorry". Their faces were then removed and were used as set decorations. It's likely the lorries will never appear again. The lorries appear quite frequently in the magazines and their horrid attitudes are absent. 


  • "What's that steamin' lump of scrap iron doin' ere? Be off with ya!" Horrid Lorry
  • "Well well well! No wonder this railways in a mess. You belong 'n' a museum, not workin' in a quarry!" Horrid Lorry
  • "Useful?! PAH! Just you tootle off!". "TOOTLE!". Horrid Lorry
  • "We three'r doin your work now. Your too slow!". Horrid Lorry
  • "Well well well! The Brothers Grimm! Smashed, broken, and sunk!". Horrid Lorry

Other MerchandiseEdit

  • ERTL (all three, discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway (all three, discontinued)
  • Trackmaster (Lorry 1 Only)
  • My First Thomas (Lorry 1 Only)