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Donald's take n play model


Douglas' take n play model

Donald and Douglas are scottish twins. Only one engine was expected, but two oddly arrived. They had lost their numbers and no one knew who was which, so they were both kept. Although they sometimes don't get along, they are glad to be with each other.

Take Along and Take n Play Models Edit

Both were released in 2002 and are sold separately. Their Take n Play models were released in 2010. Apart from the numbers and the nameplates, the main difference is that Douglas' eyebrows are raised. Both tenders are very short for their size.


Donald and Douglas first appeared ins Season 2 and appeared in every season until the eighth, which they were deleted from. They reappeared in the Season 12 episode "Saved You" with CGI faces.


Both are based on a Caldonian Railway McIntosh 0-6-0.


  • "Yer a muclked nuisance! It's ta leave y'behind I'd be wannin!". The Twin Engines
  • "Stoop bein pushy!". "Don't call ma pushy!". "Ya shudn ha pushed me into d'cart!." "Ya pulled me, ya mean!." Twin Trouble

Other MerchandiseEdit

  • ERTL(both discontinued)
  • Wooden Railway
  • Tomy Trackmaster
  • Bandai Tecs
  • Bachman
  • My First Thomas
  • My Thomas Library